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Past Project Accomplishments

Participated in the production of 3,500 multi-family units in the form of feasibility analysis, project management, financial assembly and/or financial closing.
Leveraged over $190 million in real estate value, by layering conventional financing with multiple financial sources such as HC, tax-exempt bonds, SAIL, AHP, SHIP, HOME, Section 8, CDBG and Surtax funding.
Counseled and educated over 600 low and moderate income residents.
Assisted more than 500 families and individuals in becoming first-time home owners.
Designed and developed a Resident’s Compliance Manual to assist clients in the management of their rental properties.
Designed and developed a Home Ownership Process Manual, including housing production (new construction & rehabilitation processes), client pre-qualification, processing and loan closing of layered financing.
Assisted developing the re-formulation for five non profit organizations, improving their internal capacity and increasing productivity.
Designed and assisted in the implementation of an equity fund for the purchase of small rental buildings.
Designed and delivered training modules targeted mainly to nonprofit organization and local government departments in the housing development process (i.e., feasibility analysis, conventional and subsidized financing, federal compliance and monitoring systems…).

Designed and implemented a housing loan program, allowing the leveraging of more than $52 million of real estate value. During the 2-year pilot phase, program expedited production of close to 400 additional housing units affordable to those earning up 140% of area median income.


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